Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Cat watch ended: Only 25 examples of sleeping cats

OK. SATISFIED? Titi accepts photos if I change the camera from time to time. Her curiosity is fascinating.

EASILY DISTRACTED: Taking close ups of Isis is based on making her focus of something else.
The cats has returned to their owner and his boss, but luckily I got two pictures of them awake.

On the other hand, I think I've seen most of the following sleeping positions during the visits of these cats.
The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

I may even be able to ad a few. I don't have the faintest idea of how they do it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cat watch day #14: Enjoying life as it is

THE GOOD LIFE: Not exactly dissatisfied.
The last day before I had to deliver the cats back home was pretty much relaxing. At least until I collected the transport cages from the cupboard. Then at least Titi tried to run under my bed. Which I had barricaded discreetly for a couple of days. She did not succeed running for cover. 

ANYTHING WILL DO: Always amazing to see how cats can find places comfortable to sleep at.
Well, they soon settled down again, and gave this show of sleepy show offs only cats can provide.

All in the mood of good useless information shared rapidly during social networks this summer. One was the
15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You're an Extrovert and the other 23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert. If you read them both, you find yourself you are a little of both. Probably the point as well, and I think cats fits into this profiling as well.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cat watch day #13: "Seen anything?"

LOOKING FOR MA: Rumor has it that the boss and her husband are close
to arriving back home for the eager awaiting Isis.
We are closing in on the two weeks I was to look after the two charming furballs. The boss and her husband (or the husband and its boss...ok, I am teasing the nine months newlywed's) are close to arriving back home after a successful conquering of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Interesting, cause this year have been the year of getting to know Africa, the great continent with a lot of countries, nations, cultures and nice people. For me nearly ten friends and acquaintances have been visiting Africa this year. I highly recommend anyone to travel and experience the variety of Africa.

Me myself attended a ten day training in international/foreign correspondent work in Malawi, followed by a round trip involving Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia. The head of the training was the fantastic photojournalist Otto von Münchow.

I got a lot of memories myself, with the visit to Liwonde National Park in Malawi as one highlight.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cat watch day #12: Busted!

NO FUN FOR YOU!: "Found your comics and DVD-collection. What do you think this is, Saturday afternoon leisure time for *you*? Cuddle me, pronto!"
From time to time you try to do something else than working (unless one of the cats interrupts). Watch some tv, facebooking and so on. And then you get from the fridge with some snack and mett her catjesty posed and looking like this. You feel almost like a Celebrity Who Blew It.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cat watch day #11: And this is how I roll

I honestly do not understand everything that goes on in the heads of cats, and especially not in Isis head when she challenges Titi.

She should know by now that she is about to get her tail kicked.

But still...

IS THERE A PROBLEM? Anyone giving you that look issues a kind warning.
Is it some sort of mammal thing, that makes us humans understand it?
It is almost as fun as when the nutters in the extreme religious cult Westboro Baptis Church got a treatment of fun and sarcasm by Ke$ha and her Dancers.

Ke$ha is that sort of music star that actually is talented, smart (IQ >140 for anyone interested in that sort of thing). self driven learner and totally outrageous crazy. I sort of like that, you know how to handle that - like cats. It is the people acting completely normal that worries me most.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Cat watch day #10: The second before it breaks loose

IT'S GONNA HURT: The second just before Isis the big young cat got her tail seriously kicked by Titi the small and experienced cat.
The two lovely cats do have their tryouts and rituals during the day. Sometimes it is exciting, and sometimes it is a routine. For instance when they start a circular run along the walls of my apartment at 04.45, "chasing" each other.

The they just challenge each other, but you know it is going to get rough. It may sometimes be equal to this feeling: Yellow silt load.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Cat watch day #9: The most important being in the room

MINDING ITS CAT BUSINESS: "Excuse me, sir, would you be so kind as to elaborate on this claim that you are busy working and is not to be disturbed?"
We all know this, if the cat is bored it will seek attention and cuddling. Both for the health of human and cat alike, and to underline the point of who is the real boss here.

So, several times a day the cats walk in in front of the screens and keyboard. It is mostly useful, because I sure do need the breaks.

Can't help but noticing the different between cats and dogs. This new research from Switzerland explains how Dogs are 'Kids?' Owner-dog relationships share striking similarities to parent-child relationships.

I am not surprised, not at all.